Thursday, August 04, 2022

Darwin Explores the Town

DARWIN on his first walk with me.

This is my mother’s dog, who has come to live with me after my mom’s recent passing. Darwin is a very calm dog, and as easy as Sunday morning.

First stop for us: local coffee and bike shop, and then the park.

We had a great conversation about mom this morning. He understood all the words.

He liked it when I told him (again!) his "Gotcha Day" story.

I explained the diet and exercise regime ahead. He understood, and said he expected it. Apparently the other dogs talk.

1 comment: said...

Darwin is a very lucky fella. Great to hear he's settling in so well. I'll bet your Mom spoke with him quite a bit. They do understand a lot more words than many people think. Referring to pups here, not necessarily Mom's...