Friday, August 05, 2022

A Wee Note from My Father

I came across a small handwritten note from my father

Not sure what it is, but it may be a note of "life advice" to the grandkids. 

His handwriting is not easy to read (my father suffered from hydrocephalus the last few years of his life), but, here's what was packed into a small piece of paper maybe 3" by 4":
  • Show up for life. 
  • Get along.
  • Be radical in your generosity,
  • Learn how to lose. 
  •  Speak Out. 
  • Think Tall 
  • Connect. 
  • Create the life you want. 
  • Good habits are good. 
  • Your life is your message. 
  • We learn from birth; don't stop! 
  • Get off the sidelines. 
  • Engage. 
  • Be grateful. 
  • You have a lot:  Dance! Sing! 
  • Start now, and keep going!

Basic good stuff, if a little corny.

Be grateful is a spanner that fixes a lot of problem all by itself.

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