Friday, September 11, 2020

Facebook Stats: Compared to What?

The Facebook page that somewhat follows this blog has 11,825 “likes”.

  • “Murder by Can Opener: How Pet Owners Kill Dogs” has had 85,600 Facebook views in the last 28 days.


  • “Feed Me Like a Zoo Wolf” has had 45,700 Facebook views in the last 28 days.

None of this means anything to me.

Good? Bad?

Compared to what?

I run no ads, I take no advertising, I do not accept free or “trial” samples or products.

I do not write paid reviews.

I have no financial strings or affiliations of any kind.

I do not sell dogs.

Been doing it that way since the beginning.

I don’t write to be popular: I write because it’s how I learn.

Nothing more complicated than that.

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