Thursday, October 03, 2019

Global Warming and Terrier Work

It was 98 degrees in the shade yesterday. In October.

Some years back, after falling out with heat stroke, I made a new rule: I will no longer dig when the temperature is over 90 degrees. It's not just the digging that's the issue; it's also hauling 45 pounds of tools (shovel, digging bar, posthole digger, pack, water, tie-outs, machete, long-handled trowel, snare, etc.).

What that means is that I am losing days of hunting due to global warming -- perhaps two weeks worth in recent years, if baseline studies about days over 90-degree temperature in this area are to believed.  I am probably losing as many in winter, as fox will not go to ground if temperatures are above 40 degrees, and they rarely go to ground until is is under 30.

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