Sunday, February 03, 2019

The Malfoys Hate Mudbloods

Can you create change within an economic system when the economic system depends on that change failing?

We shall see.

So far the Kennel Club
 and its membership have treated the pressure to change as akin to a wound or an infection.  White blood cells rush in — the nattering nebobs of negativism — to minimize the change, paper it over, isolate it, and reduce it to public relations point devoid of impact or substance in the real world.

A lot of dog health campaigners do not fully understand this.

They underestimate the political, economic, and historical machine that the Kennel Club represents.

Like Neville Chamberlin clutching his piece of paper, they assume a few statements and pieces of paper might put things right. 

But it hasn't, and it won't.

Look at the Pug. Can you change it?

And if you change it by giving it an actual nose, will it still be a Pug? 

Isn't the deformity and the defect and the dysfunction the defining essence of the Pug?

And if you change the Pug at anything faster than glacial speed, won't you wipe out the economic value of scores of thousands of cash breeders?

And the answer is, “of course,” which is why the Pug breeders battle back against change, and the Kennel Club hierarchy moves so incredibly slow and always on paper alone.

For the Kennel Club the safe spot is to trot out a piece of paper that they can wave about with their hands, even as they make sure they make no movement at all with their feet.

And so there is a lot of paper, but the breed is NOT summarily tossed on the scrap heap of history.

In fact, brachycephalia in dogs is now positively saluted. 

It is only the degree of brachycephalia that is to be questioned.

It’s a bit like saying racism is OK so long as there’s no actual lynching (that would be too much).

Rape is OK so long as the woman is not smashed in the face (that seems a tad unnecessary).

It’s not the actual thing they object to; it’s the more “extreme” manifestations of it that they seek to rein in.

Surely we can have virulent anti-semitism without gas chambers and death camps?  That seems like it's going a tad far!

And so, this morning, just a few hours after penning the above paragraphs to a friend on Facebook, I have had my predictions delivered full flower.

Jemima Harrison reports that the Kennel Club is green-lighting the breeding of Grade 1 and Grade 2 brachycephalic dogs

It seems that, because the gene pool is already small and deeply inbred, and there are so few Grade 0 dogs, the Kennel Club don't want to "compromise" the genetic diversity of the dog by reducing the gene pool further.


You see what I said?

 It's all about the DEGREE of water boarding. 

Breeding one dog that struggles to breathe with another dog that struggles to breathe is fine provided it's not breeding the absolute worst to the worst.

But you want to know what is beyond the pale? 

What's beyond the pale is outcrossing a brachycephalic dog to another breed with a real muzzle.

Good Lord man, if you do that you won't have a Pug or an English Bulldog or a Frenchie.

You'll have a mutt -- a mudblood.

And the Malfoys hate mudbloods.

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