Saturday, February 09, 2019

Inexperience, Incompetence, and Poor Ethics

Barry O. sent me this clip, and asked what I thought. My response:

This is a classic case of folks who don’t know what to do at the end of a dig.

This is a shit show.

  • Two dogs in hole.

  • No tools for grabbing or dispatch.

  • Pulling a dog that may be attached to the teeth of quarry — a good way to pull a dog’s face off. 

  • Having no control of any of the dogs. Complete chaos with no dogs tied out. No one in charge. 

  • Chaos with the terrier — repeatedly pulling and releasing an over-amped dog to dive back into the teeth. 

  • Failure to simply dig to the animal, which is easy to do as they've trenched to it, and it’s not deep.

I would note that this shit show is not occurring in the US or the UK, but in Serbia, a country more famous for war crimes than for experienced terrier work taught from one generation to another. 

To be clear:  this is NOT how it's done.

In the above list, I have not detailed another serious error: putting any of this on the internet. Who does that? Why? And the answer, of course, is that it's a green horn who is probably looking to sell dogs. Ugh. We need this kind of thing like we need more Catholic priests diddling little boysThat's not the way to tend the flock Father Mason.

Barry sent me another video, from the same part of the world, and a friend posted a still picture of the same because I suppose he thought the picture showed a dog with gameness.

One video of this kind of stuff is an ugliness, two is a sadness, but three in two weeks means we have some teaching to do when it comes to ethics and terrier work.

Let's start with the fact that examples two and three also come from Serbia and Crotia. Apparently there are some deeply ignorant wanna be dog dealers in that part of the world who are busy peddling dogs with macho videos.  Ugh.

In this video we have a large European boar in a small pipe enclosure.  The boar has been pushed into full panic by a hound, and then an over-amped Jagd Terrier has been dumped into the mix.

To what end?
Is this supposed to show how tough the dog is? It doesn't.

It shows that the dog's owners are complete sadistic idiots who have intentionally put this dog in harm's way for no purpose what so ever.  This dog is going to be very seriously injured, if not on this day, then in time.

To be clear, terriers can serve a useful purpose in working to bust boar, bear, and even bag cats out of thick brush where they may be jungled up. But this is not that.

This boar is in a small and entirely empty pen.  It has nowhere to flee, and so it must stand and fight and this terrier, despite the barking of the hound, is working alone at an impossible job, without end or purpose.

This is animal baiting, pure and simple, and it has nothing to do with hunting in any way, shape, or form. This kind of stuff was made illegal in Britain in 1824, and it's mostly illegal in the US as well, with the only exceptions I know being southern states more famous for incest and low test scores than for dog work.

So what can be done about it? Not a damn thing from where I sit, other than to turn on the hard light of shame. These young men think they are flying the Red Badge of Courage? Nope, they are flying the bloody shirt of inexperience and sadism. 

Ugh. We need this kind of thing like we need more Catholic priests raping nuns.

If you are pro-hunting, pro-dog, and pro-hunting with dogs, you need to call out the inexperienced, the incompetent, and the gratuitously cruel or risk being confused with them.

We're all in this together, you say? No we are not! The First Church of Field and Stream is not that kind of Church.

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Heather Houlahan said...

The idiotic laughter in the second clip is particularly charming.