Saturday, February 09, 2019

Fencing in the Good

A fencing crew finished my backyard job today. The perimeter is 460 feet of 6-foot high wood fencing with several cross fences and gates on a narrow, but deep backyard sectioned into "rooms".

The photo shows Moxie checking out one of the see-through gates that are part of the internal cross fencing. Rambling rose and clematis will top these wire and wood cross fences once I plant out the yard in April and May.

There is still considerable hardscaping to do: securing the bottom of the wood fence and gates against possible dig outs by the dogs, putting in seventy 90-pound pavers down a long path that will connect the gates, and putting in a low stone wall around a small sunken patio.


Rick said...

I offer dog proof fencing to my clients, and there are a number of varieties, depending on the dogs and the physical situations. Some are pretty wood fences, and some are steel and concrete, depending on budgets and circumstances. But one thing I can't provide is an owner proof fence. If they can't remember to close the gate, well, there's nothing I can do about that.

LRM said...

Sounds beautiful. I'm so envious.