Saturday, January 05, 2019

Yes, You Can Have No License Today

The Department of Motor Vehicles dance today was amazing.

Despite having a current VA drivers license and a current passport, I was told I ALSO had to have an ORIGINAL Social Security card. So I had to go to Social Security in order to order a card (all they wanted was the passport!) so that I might be able to stand in line for two hours at some future date in order to get a license. My Social Security card might come in a week or two. 

Read that again -- the DMV would not accept the passport identification that Social Security accepted -- the DMV wanted a Social Security card too. Clearly great minds working hard somewhere....

Despite having a car that passed inspection in VA., I also have to have the car re-inspected in Maryland. No, that couldn’t get done today or tomorrow. Try Monday morning. I'm driving on expired tags (with help from a note from a friendly local cop) until then.

My wife is doing the same dance, but she had her original Social Security card. She figured she’d at least get a new license. She figured wrong. No license for her because her passport does not have a hyphenated name, but her Social Security card has it hyphenated. It's the same double-barreled name (and picture) except for the hyphen. She has to come back on Wednesday to get that sorted out. By then, maybe she’ll have gotten her car inspected too.

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