Saturday, November 24, 2018

Brian Plummer Paying It Forward

Another bit of old VHS tape of a Brian Plummer documentary. Some tracking problems with the video tape, but we'll take what we can get!

This film include footage of the famous dogs Vampire, Omega, Warlock, and Beltane ratting. Did I mention that Brian had a fascination with pagan necromancy? True!

Here we see Brian ratting with the dogs, netting rabbits, judging a lurcher show, digging to, live- handling and releasing a fox, and a talking game cocks and dogs with a few romany pals.

I posted a copy of The Lone Furrow documentary earlier this week, and received a very nice note from Tony Metcalf (thank you!) who had been friends with Brian Plummer for over 20 years. Mr. Metcalf noted that the one book Brian cranked out under the pseudonym of Michael Shaw, was written very quickly and for the best of purposes:

As a boy from the South Wales coalfield, he wanted to support the Miners strike. He told me the best way he could do this was to quickly write a couple of books, the royalties of which, would go to the strike fund. Adopting a nom de plume, he thought, would confuse and then annoy his many critics. As you point out, he did like to bait others into intemperance.

Love it!  There's a Plummer story that needs more telling!

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MLindau said...

Fascinating. Brian Plummer is like the Victorian poacher and has all the skills of the Victorian poacher.