Sunday, August 12, 2018

Coffee and Provocation

PETA Attacks Company That Makes Meatless Burger
The direct mail mill called PETA is now attacking the Silicon Valley company behind the Impossible Burger and other meatless products that actually taste like meat. Their crime? It seems that in order to get FDA approval for their ingredients, some 188 rats lost their life. Outrageous says PETA! We agree. Kill more cows, chickens, and pigs. Carry on as before!

Mexican Corn That Gets Nitrogen From the Air?
A slow-growing indigenous corn found in Mexico has aerial roots—necklaces that drip with a thick, clear, mucus that’s loaded with bacteria which pull nitrogen directly from the surrounding air.

Is Earth Gaining More Trees Than Losing?
Maybe, according to the latest research. The first 30-year look at global forest cover found "global tree cover area increased by 870,000 square miles (2.25 million square kilometers), a 7.1 percent change from 1982. Most of the gain came from subtropical, temperate and boreal climate areas."

The Sudden Collapse of the Internet in the UK
When UK regulators banned lies in Internet Service Provider ads, advertised speeds drop by 41%.

The Green Party is a Russian Fraud Factory
The latest: "A man who registered as a Green Party candidate for Montana’s U.S. Senate race was on the state Republican Party’s payroll and heads a newly formed anti-tax group, according to a review of election documents."

He Died as He Lived
Man who jumped out of freezer and died was cold-case suspect.

Service Dog Registry to Weed Out FakesThe era of liars and mental and emotional defectives passing off their pets as "service dogs" may soon be over.


LRM said...

Service animal registry is long overdue and very welcome. I do hope these various groups work together and strive for standardization. The last thing needed is further confusion muddying the waters, however well-intentioned.


tuffy said...

unfortunately the Russian backed groups like the ''Green Party'' group you discussed are a way to split the Democratic and Independent vote :(