Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tough American Women

An American grandmother
was attacked by a rabid bobcat and strangled it to death with her bare hands.

DeDe Phillips, of Hart County, Georgia was taking a picture of a new bumper sticker on her truck when the neighbor's dog frantically begin to bark. When she looked up, the Bobcat was just steps away, and then it jumped on her. "It came for my face,” she told the Athens Banner-Herald.

It caught me slightly on my face, but I got him before he could do much damage there. I took it straight to the ground and started inching my hands up to its throat. I knew that was the only way I was getting out of this.

Phillips squeezed the cat’s neck, forcing herself not to scream in case her 5-year-old granddaughter came outside.

When the Bobcat appeared lifeless, Phillips yelled for her daughter-in-law and told her to call 911. In quick order her son arrived with a gun and a knife, but the bobcat was stone dead -- choked to death by Ms. Phillips.

Deputies with the Hart County Sheriff’s Office eventually arrived but Ms. Phillips drove herself to the local hospital. There, she was treated for a broken finger, as well as claw and bite marks to her chest, arms, hands, and and legs.

And what did that bumper sticker she was putting on her truck say?

Believe it or not:

"Women who behave rarely make history.”

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