Tuesday, June 19, 2018

My Country Has Lost Its Morality

If this is your idea of Christianity, you don’t know much about Jesus or the Gospels.

As a nominal Methodist, I am proud of the headline below.

As an American, however, I am ashamed at all those who stand silent or support this fascist and unnecessary policy. 


PipedreamFarm said...

There are reports of turning away people seeking asylum at ports of entry (no you can’t seek asylum here). There are reports of family separations for those who have entered legally at the ports of entry and have started the process to seek asylum. Trump stated in a news conference what he is doing; preventing this country from becoming a migrant camp (no more immigrants).

What are we citizens allowing our government to do to our country founded and strengthen by immigrants?

Doggylama said...

This is a very sad time.

Jennifer said...

I'd say the US government has lost touch with morality. Hope the next election will bring in more moral fiber. If not, I'm handing back my passport...feel fortunate to be a dual citizen. The USA, btw, unlike the vast majority of nation's, imposes a large levy for declining citizenship.