Friday, May 18, 2018

Mrs. Jack Russell and Her Dog

The picture above is Penelope Incledon Bury, aka "Mrs Jack Russell".

She married the Reverend John Russell in 1826, and they had two sons, only one of which survived.

The dog pictured to the left of Mrs. Russell is presumably one of her husband's. If that is the case, it is the only photograph that I know of one of the Reverends dogs.

It should be said that Russell was apparently a bit of a dog dealer, and that many terriers and hounds passed through his hands.

Russell gave up his hounds at least twice due to poverty -- he did not have a kennel of terriers in the end as some have suggested. At the end of his life there were only four old arthritic terriers named "Rags", "Sly", "Fuss" and "Tinker".

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jrtgrrl said...

her husband is a cutie, but he seems to be a bit hirsute ; )