Friday, April 06, 2018

Here's Your Sign


Claire Coppola said...

What is the purpose of sharing this road sign which may be doctored or real? i don't find it amusing, but is food for thought. As a 20+ year purebred dog breeder, i'm not happy when i see road side or bumper stickers by PETA or HSUS stating that pure-bred dog breeders are hurting shelter pet adoptions.

PBurns said...

This sign refers to human population growth. As in please take a pill, get a vasectomy, wear a condom, fit a diaphragm, look into Norplant, and can I interest you in RU486? But it’s good for dogs too in most instances. I did not mean it about dogs, but if it makes you uncomfortable, then good. Giving people comfort is not my goal most mornings. If it made you think, that’s good. That is my goal most mornings. Thinking is something most people are not comfortable doing. I think you have to choose.