Friday, February 23, 2018

Armed Teachers?

FACT: Most bullets fired by trained police officers miss their target.

What that means is when Mrs. Nelson gets jumpy and pulls out her Glock because Jerome told her to “fuck off,” it’s Cindy, Mike, and Tiffany who are going to get hit.

And maybe your kids too.


Noel said...

"Trained". Ha.

PBurns said...

You are right to laugh -- but that's a whole 'nother post. Let's just say they're not going to law school -- more like "Police Academy" which was a comedy about inept fools.

And as shooters, they are good for 30 to 50 feet or so, provided they have no distractions, are not amped up, and have all the time in the world.

In short, most cannot hit a human with a single shot in a real life-situation. Civilians who shoot at people actually have fewer "bad shoots" than cops do.

Jennifer said...

Not to mention that it would require pay inducement. This would translate into armed teachers getting a pay raise and unarmed teachers getting a cut. Eventually, the resulting teaching staff would shift to a more militant and less nurtuting direction.

tuffy said...

well, can you imagine the scenario where a kid brings in a plastic/fake gun and the teacher shoots and kills or maims the child, thinking it's real? how to explain to parents and other teachers and children?

how about a kid that comes in brandishing a gun and before shooting, gets shot by a teacher? could be a racial bias, etc--or not. same problem as present day poorly trained, biased cops?

how in the world can teachers be cops too?
it makes no sense at all, in any scenario, for teachers to also be law enforcement.

it will mean no teachers, even worse education than we have now, and a whole lot more issues and killing. i know i would NEVER sign up to be a teacher in that scenario.

horrible idea.

kudos to the wonderful and brave children and young adults who have demonstrated and spoken out truth to power, in every scenario in recent weeks.