Friday, November 10, 2017

Trump Is In Vietnam on Veteran's Day

In a plot twist that even Oliver Stone would not dare to write, Mr. Trump is in Danang, Vietnam on Veteran's day where he is kow-towing to both Russia and China.

The White House made no mention of the "heel spurs" that seemed to have vanished the day after Mr. Trump used them for a Vietnam War draft deferrment (he got five, four for college and one for bad feet).

Meanwhile, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller (U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam veteran, Purple Heart, Bronze Star) closes in, tighter and tighter.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Mueller and his team of crack-shot lawyers is investigating Michael Flynn and his son who allegedly were enticed by a $15 million foreign-government payout to plan the kidnapping of a Turkish cleric living in the U.S. in order to have him delivered to Turkey where he would be jailed and tortured. Again, this is The Wall Street Journal reporting this. Flynn was, at the time, on the payroll of the Turkish government as an illegal and unregistered foreign agent who was soon to be tapped to be Mr. Trump's National Security Adviser.

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