Friday, November 10, 2017

A Parade of Malevolent Misfits

The Trump administration is a parade of malevolent misfits, broken souls, and incoherent babblers.

If we were told that three dead hookers had been found buried in the backyard of a White House staffer, the only question would be which one? You can plug in almost any name and there would be no real surprise. Steve Bannon? Check. Carter Page? Check. Michael D. Cohen? Check. Steve Miller? Check. Eric Trump? Check. Michael Flynn and son? Check. Sebastian Gorka? Check. Roger Stone? Check.

Everyone can see it; it’s a parade of creepy people whose commonality across the spectrum seems to be intellectual and emotional dysfunction.

Every, staffer, nominee or associate is incompetent, lazy, incurious, and overtly malevolent, from Donald Trump to Betsy Devos, from Melania Trump to Paul Manafort, and from Anthony Scaramuchi to Corey Lewandowski. Ben Carter seems to be swimming in an ether of beta-blockers. Sara Huckabee Sanders has the kind of detachment-inside- chaos that one would expect from someone whose brother first hanged and then slit the throat of a dog for the fun of watching it die.

The good news, if there is any, is that these folks are so dim-witted as to leave fingerprints all over the crime scene, and Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is on them like a terrier on a rat. I have seen Mueller, and I would not bet on the rats!


tuffy said...

Oh, There's much more to the Trump-Russia story than Russian collusion in the voting process, which is bad enough. I think that it will be discovered that Trump and perhaps others like Tillerson, made a giant business deal with Russia and that he owes them a S#%%^ ton of $$; further, that Trump and Co., is making, or trying to make, political decisions concerning Russia, sanctions, military, etc., based on his own personal interests and gains. he cares about nothing else.
it's a no-brainer.
(and he has no brain or heart-[classic narcissist]).

PBurns said...

The Trump SoHo project is going to very big in a little while. Michael D. Cohen is a key part of the Russian money laundering machine, and he has known Felix Sater, a Russian mob figure deep in the Trump Soho project since they were 8 years old. Cohen and his brother are married to Ukrainians with a mysterious source of many million of dollars. Money flushed through Cyprus banks to get laundered by LLC s that own units and shares of Trump’s over-valued buildings. It’s actually a simple scheme. What’s amazing is that the folks surrounding Trump have never turned away from a dangle of any kind — money laundering, treason, voter fraud, kidnapping, murder for hire, tax evasion. They’re all going to jail. Mueller and his team of 18 are Elliott Ness with satellites, computers, pinhole cameras, and microphones that look like credit cards, buttons, and pens.