Friday, November 10, 2017

Preparing Two Old School Deben Collars

Two of my ancient Deben collars finally died, leaving me with just two working collars. I picked up these two old-style Deben locators from Steve H. yesterday. They came complete with o-rings, locator box, batteries, and a nice little bag to hold them. I put in new batteries and the knockers knock like they’re fresh from the factory. The larger collar is for terriers, and the smaller for ferrets.

These collars just needs a little epoxy to fix the "planned factory defect" you can see in both of them, below.

Deben intentionally made the wires run to the outside where, with very little scraping, they can be shorted out and allow water to enter the collar. A little JB-Weld epoxy, and that defect is fixed.

The wee ferret collar was fitted to Steve's small miniature dachshund. I've never had one of these ferret collars before, but since most of my digs are shallow (under 4 feet) and Moxie is under 9 pounds, I’m thinking this will be a good backup for her. A very small locator!

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