Monday, October 16, 2017

John's Lennon's Patterdale

John Lennon, Cynthia Lennon, Julian Lennon, and Nigel. No breeding information on Nigel, but clearly a Patterdale-type.


Peter Apps said...

John Lennon was a deeply flawed specimen;

Arf, Arf, he goes, a merry sight
Our little hairy friend
Arf, Arf, upon the lampost bright
Arfing round the bend.
Nice dog! Goo boy,
Waggie tail and beg,
Clever Nigel, jump for joy
Because we are putting you to sleep at three of the clock, Nigel.

Is by far the not worst of his writing.

PBurns said...

Pretty sure John was engaged in gallows humor here -- he was a true animal lover for his whole life. He did like to pull people's leg and engage in complex thought, often playing one or two steps ahead of his audience. He toyed with reporters who never knew if he was telling the truth or shining them on. His "bigger than Jesus" line was one of those.

Peter Apps said...

I'm not so sure - I know the times were different but his "John Lennon In His Own Write" has some unpleasantly blatant racism and slights against disabled people. Not that it really matters.