Monday, October 16, 2017

Burt Ward, the Boy Wonder, Makes Dog Food?

Burt Ward, who played Robin the Boy Wonder in the Batman TV show of the 1960s, and who authored Boy Wonder: My Life in Tights, makes dog food and does canine rescue.

This is "lick and stick" dog food manufacturing, with the stuff being cobbled up at the Sioux City, Iowa plant run by the Consumers Supply Distributing company which makes 36 other brands of pet food.

Burt Ward's dog food is called "Gentle Giants" and it is touted as an "all-natural" dog food "created to prolong the lifespan of the four-legged creatures it’s fed to."

Of course, if you are truly interested in prolonging the lifespan of dogs, the best advice is to be an advocate for cross-breeding, to stay away from giant breeds altogether, and to feed your dog less of any dog food in order to avoid obesity.

Ward has made his dog food at the Sioux City, Iowa Consumers Supply Distributing company for a dozen years, but he never visited the facility until this month.

To Ward's credit, all profits from the dog food company are supposedly directed to rescue work for giant breeds.

To Ward’s detriment, there is a lot of evidence that Burt Ward is actually running a dog flipping and puppy mill operation. The reviews and site visit stories are alarming, the web site screams puppy mill and liar, and it seems to be only one step up from a hoarding operation.  Truly sad and alarming if that’s the case.

Burt Ward, gives a thumbs up to his kibble.


M said...

Gentle Giants rescue is not exactly known for being a rescue that's operating above board.

You don't have to look too deep before something starts to give you the feeling of something very shady going on. A rescue doesn't have to be perfect but this place throws enough red flags to open it's own theme park.

PBurns said...

Not entirely surprised. How can you make dog food for 12 years and never visit the factory? And if you made almost no money from the TV show, and did not do too much afterwards, where does income come from?

PBurns said...

Just went to the rescue. Whoa! Yep, something not right. Something very wrong. Actually alarming.