Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Mike Murphy: Not Soft on Marmots

Former Senate Majority leader Tom Daschle lost his election, some years back, because he was soft on marmots. That's a mistake this young man did not make. Back when it was still considered a "thing" to tell the truth and disclose one's finances so folks knew you were not money-laundering for foreign dictators and organized crime or under the influence of bribe-paying corporations, 12-year old Mike Murphy came clean. Running for the position of secretary of the student body at Madison high school in Phoenix, AZ, his 1952 financial disclosure statement let the world know he earned a dollar a week in allowance and was penalized a dime for every infraction, which meant he was generally broke. He earned a dollar for every gopher he caught in the yard, but he had cleaned them all out and was recently informed by his parents that gophers caught in neighbors' yards didn't count.  Needless to say, he won the election.

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