Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Mechanical Pea Harvesting

We don't live in the age of schooners and candles anymore, and that's as true on the farm as it is on the docks or in your kitchen. 


Jennifer said...

It's not just peas, and it's nothing new. I live in a wine producing area. Most of the grape harvesting is mechanized, as is leaf pulling. I'm in New Zealand, but you'll be the same in the Napa valley, and it's been widespread for years. In viticulture, the challenge is prunung, and they're working on that with AI. Probably won't be widespread for a decade or more, but it seems to be coming. The machines that eventually evolve to prune tree crops like peaches and apples will be truly amazing...and will make this pea harvester look crude.

Betsy Brewer said...


Betsy Brewer

PBurns said...

Lost of posts on this blog about farm economics. Machine grape post from earlier this year here >>

Rick said...

I picked, pruned and planted grapes in Napa Valley in the early 1970s, and would never believe that machines could pick grapes, until they did! Mechanical picking seems to be helped by combining it with the de-stemming process, something that previously happened at the winery immediately upon receiving the grapes from the field. I've heard that some of the mechanical pickers also crush the grapes, and load a slurry into tankers at the edge of the vinyard.

I'd be interested in seeing how far they get with mechanical pruning. That is a process involving more intelligence and careful cutting. But I won't say it can't be done!