Thursday, September 07, 2017

Hurricane Dogs and Rescue Dilemmas

Here's a story I wrote in 2011 about the current Attorney General of Florida, a "rescue" St. Bernard from 2005 Hurricane Katrina, and the court case that followed.


tuffy said...

excellent Katrina story-
as a vet who was indirectly involved with rescue from there, i will say that there were very few owners who wanted to give up their animals!
why would they??!!
they become separated from their animals in a situation that is mostly beyond their control and it is devastating to lose one's animals in that situation. and believe me, the animals are survivors!
(it was also heart-breaking and devastating to hear about some animals being euthanized because of their specific breed, without being rescued [yes, mostly APBT's and such]. and this, after a hard fight to scratch through a ceiling to get to the attic to stay away from the flooding. it was awful and devastating to hear about 1st hand).
anyway, back to the point-
i am disgusted and horrified by this Bondi politician's behavior!(bigotted, i already knew).
i am sure we will get more of these stories in current and future natural disasters.
we seem to be the cause of all human and animal suffering in, by our own hands.

Jennifer said...

Having recently moved away from semi-rural Florida and observed dozens of poorly socialized, dog aggressive bull cross yard dogs, I'd guess shelters are going to have to make a lot of difficult decisions in the coming week. I'm sure mistakes will be made. Sometimes the speed at which sh#t happens gets accelerated.