Friday, July 07, 2017

Coffee and Provocation

A Jumbo Moving Job
AfricaParks is relocating 500 elephants into a park in northern Malawi. This is the largest elephant re-population project ever attempted.

American Conservation Works
There are more trees in North America than there were 100 years ago. Of course, 100 years ago was a very, very low spot in American land and wildlife conservation, but still...

Baby California Wolves
New baby wolves have been caught on camera in Northern California near Lassen National Forest. Thanks Marge W!

The Bicycle Tire was Invented by a Veterinarian
The first inflatable tire was invented  in 1887 by John Boyd Dunlop, a Scottish veterinarian living in Belfast, Ireland.

The Birth Control Pill is 60
The Pill is 60 years old, and we're still arguing about contraception?  Why?? At least Canada has it right; Quebec will be offering RU486 for free by early fall.

Charging Stations All Over?
Ubitricity modifies existing electric street lamps into charging stations for electric cars. This could be a giant leap forward from a simple (and cheap) idea.

Around the Globe, Praying Mantises Hunting Hummingbirds
Read all about it at the Wilson Center for Ornithology.

What Could Go Wrong?
The Russians are now hacking our nuclear power plants.

Losers Gotta Lose
The Zion Oil Corp is drilling for oil in Israel based on predictions consistent with Biblical Flood geology. It hasn’t found any oil yet.

Rube Goldberg was a Real Person
His name was Reuben Garrett Lucius Goldberg and he died in 1970.

Bars Depend on Alcoholics
30% of Americans don’t drink alcohol at all. 60% drink less than one drink a week. The top 10% drink around 74 drinks a week.

Barbara Walters with her cup of darkness.

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