Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The RSPCA Is Corrupt and a Scam

The RSPCA is corrupt and a scam. Anyone who doubts that should take a look at the house below. The RSPCA spent almost £1 million on this country home where Katie Toms, whose mother Daphne Harris chairs the charity’s national council, lives rent-free with her husband and daughter in exchange for taking care of 12 cats which are kept in cages, pens, and a kennel block in the back garden.

The Sun reports that the four bedroom house in Headcorn, Kent, "was bought in 2011 for £464,935 by the local branch of the RSPCA, which is run by Ms Harris.There were two further outlays of cash — £138,323 and £137,277. Wages and other expenses account for £223,969 since 2011. Ms Toms is also thought to have use of a £40,000 Ford 4×4."

The house happens to be just two doors down from Katie Harris' mother's house -- the very person who made the decision to spend this massive amount of RSPCA money sheltering  a dozen moggies.


JL said...

Clearly I had the wrong parents. They never had any thought of supporting me in such a way. /endsarcasmfont

Unknown said...

It's about time people woke up to the workings of the rspca. This has been reported before and nothing changes.