Saturday, May 06, 2017

When Clicker Training Goes Wrong.


Her boyfriend said: "I knew she was training them squirrels, and it was kind of cute when two of them crawled up my leg. But when I heard them say 'Let's eat one now, and save the other for winter,' I didn't know what to do."

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Viatecio said...

Actually, I'd say it's correct to an extent when taken to extremes, e.g. veterinary behaviorists.

There are multiple occasions when following a behaviorist's advice actually can make the dog WORSE. After all, the dog must not be stressed; it should be worked in an environment of its choice that reduces stress and must be allowed to physically LEAVE when it becomes too stressed or is done with the lesson. "Let the dog call the shots," they say. "We must respect the dog's choice in the matter."

I have rarely seen a dog emerge from the clutches of a veterinary behaviorist in any fine form that doesn't require the owner's life to be almost turned upside down from "managing" it in every way.