Sunday, May 21, 2017

Water Is More Expensive Than Gasoline

I stopped to pick up a gallon of water for the dogs, and quart for myself, and the total was nearly $6.

At $2 per quart bottle, water at the gas station is $8 a gallon, or more than three times the price of gasoline.


JL said...

Dollar Stores in my area carry gallons of Crystal Springs water for $1, other stores carry it for at least 50 cents more.

Anonymous said...

How is it over there, is beer cheaper than water? This is often the case here. Water is mostly much more expensive than fuel too while we currently pay around 1.45 for the liter of fuel, but have been as high as 1.75 about three years ago. Water can be as high as 6.50 for 0.5 liter. ... I really miss those gallon bottles. Maybe it's just nostalgia, but I always hope to find gallons at our stores, some day.