Monday, May 22, 2017

Big Coyotes, Seen and Unseen

While driving out to hunt the dogs on Sunday, the biggest coyote I've ever seen ran right in front of my car. It was approaching 50 pounds, and I actually weigh animals, so that's not hyperbole.

Later, while repairing a groundhog sette on the edge of a field, I spotted this coyote turd. That's a #8 Opinel Knife for comparison purposes, so this is not a fox. And it's not a larger dog either; notice the fur in the scat.

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Shannon Gentry said...

Whoa there, coyotes...I am always worried that the coyotes will enter my property and harass my sheep and grab my Border...I've been seeing scat on the path through the woods nearby and your photo confirmed it is not just a big neighbourhood dog. Always a great blog to read. Thanks.