Thursday, March 09, 2017

The Kennel Club is Darwin's Nightmare T-Shirt!

Steal this art! Permission granted. Click pic for bigger.

Wouldn't you just love to walk around Crufts with this very cool T-shirt honoring our hero, Charles Darwin?

Well guess what? You can! And so can your dog!

Through the miracle of the Internet, I have produced a T-shirt (and a dog shirt too!) which it is now available at the DarwinDogs store front. Just click here and pick the color and style of your choice.

These T-shirts are being sold for ZERO markup, as the message is the thing!

Want to produce a truck full of them (and maybe stickers and posters too)?

You can!

Just click on the picture for super-sized art, available for ripping off to your heart's desire.

Plaster them around Crufts.

Make stickers and tack one to Caroline Kisko's forehead!

And if anyone asks, tell them you got them from!

Like the art above? Not mine, but available here. Nice!.

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