Friday, March 03, 2017

Good to See Cesar Millan Back on Nat Geo WILD

Cesar Millan's Dog Nation is premiering tonight at 9 pm EST 8 pm CST on Nat Geo WILD.

It's good to see him back on National Geographic, and it looks like he has partnered again with Melissa Jo Peltier on a new book, Cesar Millan's Lessons From the Pack: Stories of the Dogs Who Changed My Life (Hardcover – February 7, 2017).


This blog has a number of posts about Millan.

My general observation is that a lot of folks who have never seen a full season of Millan's various shows, and who have never read a single book of his, and who themselves have never trained a dog to do a one hour "down-stay," are often quite certain he is doing it all wrong based on some Facebook post they read 20 minutes ago, or the fact that they got their own dog to run a set of weave polls.

I love it when these folks talk about Millan's methods
.  What one are those?  To do what?  What's the difference between dog training and dog rehabilitation?  They haven't a clue. They can only parrot what someone else said, most of which is likely to be provably wrong.

Show me your training.

Show me the before and after, and tell me how quickly you can get the job done.

Tell me SPECIFICALLY how you would get a dog to do a bomb-proof recall, and how you would get it do a 2-hour sit stay in front of loose squirrels, in a park, while you ate pizza.

As I noted in an October post on this blog

I am told that Karen Pryor, the great maven of pure treats-based clicker training, keeps her own Border Terrier behind an Invisible Fence. It seems she has figured out that they are quite humane. And yet Ms. Pryor looks down her nose on modern e-collars, even though she herself admits she cannot take her own terrier off-lead in the woods for fear of it running away! Indeed, her earlier Border Terrier ran away from her in the woods and was killed by a coyote.

All I can say is that she should have used an e-collar, and she should have asked a real dog trainer how to use it.

A few posts about Cesar Millan, for those who want to do a little reading, are appended below.

Other posts on dog training and canine rehab can also be found on this blog, all over the Internet and YouTube. Knock yourself out, but beware of anyone who demonizes anyone else.

To be clear, what Millan does it fairly specific. He's probably not the perfect guy to turn to if you are training a bird dog for field trials, or a competition agility dog.

But does Cesar Millan have some solid pointers to quickly fix  a few dozen very common canine problems using a wide variety of tools and techniques?

Without a doubt! 

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