Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Coffee and Provocation

An Ancient Cat Hair Rug
What is believed to be the world's oldest rug is Egyptian, made of cat hair, and once carried a mummified human foot. It's now in Florida (of course).

South Koreans Now Live Longer Than Americans
By 2030, average life expectancy for Korean women is expected to exceed 90 years.  In the U.S., we are far behind, and life expectancy here is actually decreasing due to alcohol and drug use, rising heart disease, and alarming rates of obesity, homicide, and infant and maternal mortality.

Get Active to Preserve and Protect America
ISIS is not coming for your health care  or your Social Security. Al Qaeda is not going to poison your water or sell off your land. You're thinking of Congress and this President. Here's how and where you can join the resistance; just put in your zip code!

Suicide Sex Marsupial
Just like what it sounds like.

Pale Problems
Vitamin D supplements may prevent millions of winter infections.

Welfare for Trump Voters
Federal anti-poverty programs lift more blue-collar whites out of poverty than any other group.

Small Balls and Big Egos
In 1928, defending Olympic field hockey champs Britain withdrew from the games, afraid of the possible embarrassment of losing to one of its colonies, the debuting Indian team. The British team did not enter Olympic field hockey competition until after Indian independence in 1948, when they lost to India 4-0 at home in London.

Killing the Oldest Animal on Earth
The oldest animal on earth (c. 1499 – 2006) was given then name of Ming. It was an ocean quahog clam (Arctica islandica), that was dredged up off the coast of Iceland in 2006, and whose 507-year old age age was calculated, upon killing, by counting the annual growth lines in the clam's shell.

The Art of the Con
Two con men sold a fake painting for €1.5 million, only to find out all the money they received was counterfeit.

Good Pizza
The founder of Little Caesars pizza paid Rosa Parks’ rent for over 10 years. When Mike Ilitch learned the 81-year-old civil rights activist had been robbed and beaten in her Detroit home in 1994, he moved her to a safer apartment, established a trust to cover her housing expenses, and continued paying her rent every single month until she died in 2005.

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