Thursday, February 09, 2017

Coffee and Provocation

Don't Give Us Any New Ideas
A group of chimpanzees conspired, killed, and cannibalized an abusive former leader.

The Back  Yard Lions of Los Angeles
What do you do when the neighborhood wildlife eats your pet Alpaca?

Amazon Fire Tablet for $40
This is how I watch TV when the wife is watching something else.

Meat Eating Plants
How did some plants evolve to eat meat?

A Robo Barista?
Yep, it's come to that.

The Mango Mussolini's Paid Applauders
Donald Trump and his spokes-liars say over 3 million protesters were "paid." That's a total and transparent lie from a lying liar. But what's not a lie is that BogusPOTUS launched his presidential campaign in front of an "audience" of actors paid $50/each to wear campaign shirts and cheer wildly, and he brought a version of this paid cheering section with him into the presidency, bringing along staffers to applaud at key moments during his press conferences and other appearances, such as his disastrous speech in front of the CIA. Paid applauders is such an old scam, it has a name: a claque.

Massive Mayan Roads Found
In Guatemala, scientists have found a system of superhighways that once connected pyramidal complexes, which means the Maya civilization can be said to rival that of the Romans.

One for the Truck, the Car, the Pack
A 3-pack of Smith & Wesson black Tanto Tactical Knifes for $23.

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