Monday, February 13, 2017

At Westminster, Health and Work Get ZERO Points

The logo of the Westminster Dog Show features a pointer, but don't let that fool you, as honest field work is counted for ZERO points at Westminster.

 Health and temperament also get ZERO points at Westminster.

Westminster is NOT about breeding better dogs;  it's about propping up an artificial market in dogs with closed registries, potted fictional histories, and sniffing pretensions.


seeker said...

This is why Jack Russell Terriers do not show here. Only things called Parson Russells and Russell Terriers. The JRTCA demands all pups be examined and approved by experts to get their papers. These two breeds papers come from a Xerox Machine.

I know you know this, you might explain it to your readers.

Debi and the Jack Rats.

Unknown said...

From the New York Times:

"American hairless terriers are basically mutant rat terriers. They unexpectedly sprang into existence in 1972, when a lone hairless puppy was born into a litter of rat terriers (terriers known for liking to dig, and to hunt rats) in Louisiana.

The breeder “liked the hairlessness of the puppy,” Parker explained, but had trouble producing any more — the hairless gene is recessive — until the original hairless dog “accidentally got pregnant by one of her own sons.” VoilĂ , more hairless progeny."

dp said...

We have lots of working Parsons here in Austria. And I mean real work!