Thursday, December 22, 2016

Fencing Up the Good ... and Fencing Out The Bad

Fencing seems to be a hard idea for some people.

Folks are constantly barking at me that I have to herd up with whatever group they think I am a member of, whether that is Democrat or Republican, dog owner or father.

They tell me that because I support stronger immigration law enforcement it is impolite for me to note out loud how many racists also feel the same way. "We must hang together, or surely we will hang apart," they say. But I am afraid of no rope, and perhaps the Klansman might change their metaphors next time they deign to speak to me?

Because I believe in the Second Amendment, I am told that I must march lock-step to whatever the NRA is saying, never mind that organization's near-complete rejection of time-place-and-manner ordinances. But I stand firm: I do not think we should allow terrorists to walk through our airports with bazookas on their shoulders, and I think people who walk into bars with sidearms strapped to their hip are small-dicked idiots. You will pardon me if I do not believe the Constitution is a suicide pact, or that taunting the public to intolerance is a good idea.

Because I have worked for "Big Green" environmental groups, and have worked on such proto-feminist issues as access to family planning, it is assumed that I am a bunny-hugging, we-are-the-world romantic who is only too happy to put abortion politics front and center. Sorry; wrong idea. I believe in borders, I believe in hook-and-bullet conservation, and I believe in family planning, not family non-planning.

And of course, because I hunt with terriers, and because I am opposed to breed bans and mandatory spay-neuter laws, I am apparently supposed to ignore the fact that American Kennel Club dog shows are financed with blood money collected from puppy mill registrations.


Sorry, you have the wrong guy. 

I am pro-dog, not pro-stupidity. Ethics still has a place in my life, and I try to fight evil, not sign up for a second tour of duty with it.


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Kristen Merrell said...

You are a renaissance man! I appreciate the fact that you share your wealth of information and I very much enjoy the fact that you always dance to your own tune. You are, above all things, informative. And, at times, riotously funny. Your knowledge, passion, and commitment are inspiring. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!
Look forward to many more great posts in 2017!
Thanks a million!