Saturday, December 03, 2016

Condensed Canines

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Viatecio said...

Small dogs HAVE to be assholes because no one teaches their larger dogs how to properly greet and interact.

Of course, other issues also play a significant role, but concerning dog/dog interactions, this is just my experience talking. I don't care HOW large or influential someone else is: they do NOT come into my personal space and push me around in an attempt to get me to play by their rules, "fun" or not. I'd snap back at them too. I'm confident enough to own my personal space; I shouldn't have to defend it, but for some reason people fail to teach this concept to their dogs. This meme is a perfect example of the dual standard :)

I DID let my dog set a derpy fLabradork adolescent straight. It was dumb enough to mistake avoidance for interest, dense enough to miss the escalating warning signs and somehow smart enough to understand that ONE NASTY BARK meant business. No contact made, no harm done. Dog was flummoxed, but immediately came back to properly greet both myself AND my dog in a much calmer manner that suggested decorum, a modicum of self-control and--dare I say--submission.

Excellent assistant, this one. As much as I miss the old gal, this little man has strengths of his own that will come in VERY handy when I start actively using him in training situations with other dogs.