Wednesday, November 16, 2016

This Is Organized Crime: Reigning in Killers and Scammers in the World of the "Humane" Movement

The RSPCA, a basket-case of an organization, is about to get basketed. As the BBC reports:

The RSPCA should be stripped of its powers to routinely prosecute animal welfare cases, according to Members of Parliament.

The Commons environment committee said there was a "conflict of interest" between the charity's power to prosecute and its role in investigating cases, campaigning and fundraising...

The government says it will consider the committee's recommendations.

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs committee called on ministers to change the law concerning the RSPCA's powers.

Right. The conflict of interest has always been obvious.

What needs to be talked about as well is the fact that the RSPCA is a charity scam.

As I have documented in the past, using the RSPCA's own numbers, almost none of the vast sums of money sucked up by the RSPCA goes to protect dogs and cats; most of it goes to sending out more direct mail.

In this way, the RSPCA is a fundraising scam parallel to HSUS, the ASPCA, and PETA.

The first two had to pay millions to settle RICO organized crime charges here in the U.S.

Now PETA's kill-them-all "shelter" in Virginia is about to lose its licensing for the very reasons I first said it should.

How many billions of dollars and scores of thousands of healthy dogs and cats have been killed because the press corps and legislators did not do their jobs to reign in the profiteers and convenience killers in the "humane" movement?

And how did a place where they kill healthy animals come to be called a "shelter" anyway?

That's a good story, and I tell it here.

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