Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Extraordinary Dog Collars for Extraordinary Dogs

Yilmaz Askan is in Turkey and makes extraordinary collars for extraordinary dogs. Did I mention he's in Turkey? Right there, if you are a boiled-in-the-oil dog man, you know of the dogs of which I am speaking: Kangals, Akbash, Anatolian Shepherds, and other landrace Turkish livestock guarding and herding dogs.

These are all custom creations
, and Yilmaz has lots of pictures of previous work. These are not collars for daily wear or for young puppies, but for adult dogs to be seen at festivals, shows, and family gatherings.

Price is by size. 8 and 10 cm wide collars are $145; 5 cm wide collars are $120; chest plate and collars sets are $340. Yilmaz pays the shipping. Contact him through his Facebook page.  David C. of wolfhound fame, who lives a life not too far from fiction, posted a few of Yilmaz's collar pictures and his contact, and since I love craftsmanship, dogs, and Turkey, I offered to spread the word of these fabulous collars a little further.

Christmas is only 8-months away and craftsmanship takes time. Make your dog a LEGEND. Order today!  


Jessi Lashakmitis said...

Chic collars for your pups! Thanks for the share, the collars are super cute!

Amy Nexus said...

Impressive work! I can think of quite a few dogs who could really rock those collars...

LRM said...

Just beautiful.