Monday, May 23, 2016

Coffee and Provocation

Big Boned?
Americans are eating more: 500 more calories/day than in the '70s, and 800 calories/day more than in the late '50s.

Are Nile Crocodiles Breeding in the Everglades?

Best Way to Pay for Homeopathy Veterinary Care
Peter Wedderburn thinks veterinary homeopathy should NOT be illegal.  Right.  People have the right to be stupid. That said, if you go to a veterinary homeopath, be sure to pay for their services with the smallest cut off tip off a $100 bill. Or order bulk free-dried homeopathy from a source you can trust.

Kinky Sex Island
Fish from the Indian and Pacific Oceans that have become separate species are getting it on at island retreats, and having hybrid babies.

Alice Tumbles Through the Looking Glass
The Unabomber is now on Twitter.  Not directly, but still...

Obama Care Works
The percent of people without health care insurance fell to 9.1 percent in 2015, a record low, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The uninsured rate was 14.4 percent in 2013, before the main ObamaCare provisions went into effect.

Nothing is Confirmed Until It is Denied
China's foreign ministry has denied reports that Chinese food companies are canning human flesh and selling it in Africa as corned beef.

Building Hundreds of New Antibiotics From Scratch?

Yes, it can be done.  We know, because it has been done.

Old Man of the Forest
One of the Mountain Gorillas that hung out with David Attenborough in the 1970s is still alive and age 40.

Slow Grizzly Success
Yellowstone National Park grizzlies have greatly expanded their range in the last few decades.  Now we have to manage the inevitable conflicts
Everyone is a critic.

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