Saturday, April 30, 2016

American to the Bone

Went to a different H-Mart today, and this was next door. Love it!  Might have to go here with the kids; they're Korean, and grew up on American food, which is to say, Mexican food.I'll bet the fusion of East-meets-West is pretty interesting!


Karen Carroll said...

We have a 'Fusion' Asian/southern style country place her. Unfortunately, neither is done well. Maybe the spicy foods fusion of Korean/Mexican would work.

Moochies Mother said...

Have a good one in Sacramento called TAKO. It is Korean Mexican with Kim Chee instead of Salsa, still nice and spicy. They use lots of fresh cabbage and their version of pork, beef, chicken and maybe tofu because they have a vegan offering too. Small, limited menu but always packed. Good luck, I know it can be done well.