Saturday, March 19, 2016

Kitchen Progress

The slate floor in the kitchen is down, but it's not grouted or sealed. The basic wiring raceways is in. Cabinets and appliances are in the building, but not fully assembled. The granite folks come Thursday, so the next week or so is going to be transformative. New paint colors have been chosen. A lot of work to fry an egg!

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Eaton Rapids Joe said...

Hello Management:

I am not trying to kick you in the teeth with this comment. In fact, I will be fine if you do not publish it.

I know you to be very sensitive to conservation issues. Have you pondered the relationship between dwelling square footage and the impact on the environment. Suggested link, VERY well written:

One must consider the impact on family. In cold and clinical terms, an unhappy spouse can lead to divorce with an effective doubling of square footage consumed...more if one considers the attorney's adding on to their dwellings.

I am not judging. I have no idea how many people are living in your house or how big it is. I just wanted to troll this in front of you for you to think about.

Best regards,

Joe (who used to blog)