Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My New Nikon P610

I have made the plunge and ordered a real camera -- a digital Nikon P610, which has a 60x zoom and a wireless connection to my cell phone or computer, for easy transmission and storage of pictures.

Getting the functionality of the P610 would have cost me $5,000 five years ago, but the new digital point and shoots with zoom lenses are much cheaper and much easier to use than the old kit.

The camera here is only costing me a little over $300, which is pretty astounding.

I'm a thick-thumbed monkey of a man
, but I hope this camera will let me get a few decent bird pictures, and maybe even a few dog pictures.


rigby_321 said...

I have an older camera in the same line and I absolutely love it! The bird pictures you can get make it worth lugging around :)

Duong Hai said...

Nikon P610 VS nikon D3300 who win ???