Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Coffee and Provocation

The Continuing Crisis
A teenager in Melbourne was charged with conspiring to prepare for a terrorist attack after he was recorded discussing plans to paint the Islamic State flag on a kangaroo, pack the animal full of explosives, and release it in the vicinity of police officers.  For those who think this is an entirely new idea, see "Samson's Fox".

Say What?
Wolves howl in different dialects.

A 16th Century Imitation Game
On this day in 1587, Mary Queen of Scots was beheaded after her message cipher was cracked.

Maine Has Some of the Biggest Volcanoes
Who knew?

The Zika Virus is Not the Only Virus to Cause Birth Defects
There's also rubella and cytomegalovirus.

The Spider in Black
Scientists have named a newly discovered black tarantula after singer Johnny Cash. It lives near Folsom Prison.

Yes, We Really Do Read It For the Articles
When Playboy executives took nudes off their web site, traffic quadrupled, and the average age of readers fell from 47 to 30. It turns out young people who grew up in the porn-saturated world of the internet aren't that interested in Playboy.com as a place to get porn. while the existence of naked women on the site made it awkward to share Playboy content on social media sites.

Frustrating for Whom?
In Turlock, California, nearly 3,500 samples of bull semen were stolen from the back of a truck. “The loss of all those units of semen,” said the truck’s owner, “is very frustrating.”  Over 70% of all calves in the U.S. are the product of artificial insemination.

The Top 62 People
According to CNN/Money, the 62 richest people in the world have as much wealth as the economic bottom half of the world.

Edukation is Fundementalism
The U.K. Home Office misspelled the word “language” in an announcement of a new English test for immigrants.

God Is the New Name for DARPA
Pope Francis says the the Internet is a “gift from God.”

Boy and Dog on Unexploded Bomb by Dario Mitidieri, Tigray, Ethiopia, 1991.

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