Thursday, November 19, 2015

Throw Back Thursday

Mountain Girl, now almost 13.5 years

The late, great Sailor, the dog against which all others are measured. 

The late great Trooper.  A gentleman dog who worked hard.


jeffrey thurston said...

How tall is Mountain girl? How much does she weigh?

PBurns said...

Mountain Girl is 12" and 12 pounds. She's as big a dog as I want for my area.

Sailor was 11 inches and 10 pounds.

Moxie is 10.75 inches and abut 9.4 pounds.

Misto is 10 inches and 12 pounds (he's a much heavier boned dog).

Trooper was 15 inches, and with a 19 inch chest. I forget what his weight was. Too big a dog, as so many borders are these days.

jeffrey thurston said...

My dogs measure out bigger than any of yours except Trooper. One is 11" but 15 pounds- he's like a little Pit with muscles. He's definitely a hole dog- he loves hollowed out trees and culverts- scary how enthusiastically he'll just disappear. My other even bigger at 14" and 18 pounds but he's a great rat and squirrel hunter- he stalks and strikes quickly. Anyway- the pic of you holding Mountain Girl made me think she was the same size as my little guy. They're definitely too big for Back East terriorizing...