Thursday, November 19, 2015

Je Suis Chien

From The Daily Mail:

This heartbreaking photograph shows heroic police dog Diesel moments before she was blown up by a suicide bomber during the siege in Paris. The seven-year-old Belgian Shepherd died this morning in a firefight with suspected ISIS militants behind the Paris massacre who were holed up in a flat.

She was sent in to the building to sniff out booby traps but was blown to pieces when a woman came out firing her AK-47 at police and then detonated her suicide vest.

Tributes quickly poured in to the much-loved canine who had been decorated with service medals after a distinguished career in the force. One police handler said it was 'a little like losing one of our colleagues' while a Twitter user said Diesel had 'died to defend our colours'.

Diesel's death sparked a wave of mourning across social media, under the Twitter hashtag #JeSuisChien. The hashtag, which means I am a dog and was trending on Twitter, is a reference to the worldwide cry of solidarity 'Je Suis Charlie' in the wake of the terror attacks on Charlie Hebdo magazine in January. Source

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Tom said...

This truly is heart-breaking.

Dogs would never do this to people. How can we "superior beings" do this to dogs?