Saturday, October 31, 2015

Hawking with Redtail and Jack Russell Terrier

I don't know anything about this video
other than it was loaded up by someone named Stew Farron, and it appears the camera somehow tracks with the bird's head (unless some of this was filmed with a drone).  A very cool bit of film work, however it was done!


Ross Spafford said...

I believe the bird is fitted with a hood without eye panels, and the camera is attached to the hood so it moves with the head.

Stewart is a falconer in Georgia.

Kate Marden said...

Great little movie!
Not a drone, mate, you can tell by the sharp movements.I love, love love the bird's eye view!
I have seen wee cameras attached to modified hoods so that the bird can see. I know it isn't a go-pro, stark naked they weigh 73 gems and no bird could hold that weight on her head. Most go pros are mounted on an eagle's back. These are light weight cameras and I would be thrilled to have one, if I knew where they were getting or how they were making them.