Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Local, Organic, Free Range, Canned Parrot

Cherry Conures in their own syrup.  Source.


geonni banner said...

Bwahahahahahaha! Some people have no sense of humor. As a (SF) bay area resident I get so sick of PC types with a corncob up their... well, you know...

Olde New England said...

I can see the humor in this installation. But after I read the note from the anonymous critic my humor evaporated in a cloud of pissed-offness. "it's hurtful" said the critic. That's the modern version of "You hurt my feelings" most frequently heard on the kindergarten playgrounds of yore. And of course it is anonymous - those who protest about their emotional injuries seldom (if ever) have the courage to own their comments.

Unfortunately this is typical of the continual feminization of American society, where every woman or girl has the right to claim hurt feelings at any time and place and for any reason. And I would bet you mypaycheck that it was a woman who wrote this. If the installation had been labeled "canned white men" there would be no complaints; rather, there would be much hilarity.

And by the way to any readers who may think I'm a hurtful man, I'm not. I'm a hurtful woman who is really tired of women and their never-ending stream of "hurt feelings." Ladies, GROW UP!