Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Back to the Future Dog Walking Is Here

Walking Dogs With Drones from Jeff Myers on Vimeo.

It happened on, this day
, October 21, 2015:

Automatic dog-walkers were units developed between 1985 and 2015 that consisted of an autonomous hovercraft leashed to a dog's collar to walk it when the owner was preoccupied.

Marty McFly saw one of these in Hilldale the night he and Emmett Brown attempted to rescue Jennifer Parker from his future residence, and wandered away to do some exploring of Hilldale. The distraction was sufficient for Biff Tannen to steal the DeLorean time machine and travel from 2015 back to 1955.

In other news
, I am selling my flux capacitor. This is a real one -- not those fakes they are selling on Amazon. Serious inquiries only. No Libyans!

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Michael said...

This will put me out of a job!