Thursday, October 29, 2015

Watch the Dog and Then Watch the Kids

Blake Rodriguez at Dream Come True K9
, in New York City shows the value of a low stim e-collar on a big dog that is used to dragging people down the sidewalk.

The folks who think e-collars
are all about busting dog off of deer, and nothing else, have not used a modern e-collar. Most of these folks, in fact, have never used any e-collar ever.

If someone tells me that have "tried" an e-collar, I always ask them what brand and what model. They never know!

Here's a hint:  if you think all e-collars are the same, or bought one for $50 or less off Ebay or at PetSmart (because why invest more, right?), you have NOT tried a modern collar.

Blake is using a model from E-Collar technologies -- the same model I have been using this year to great effect. It costs about $200 and is worth it.

This big dog has a working level that a human cannot feel
-- same as for my little terriers.

There is no jerking on a leash, and no ripping out a shoulder pulling back on this powerful dog.

Timing is perfect, and tapping corrections can be moved up and down depending on the dog, where they are in their training cycle, and the environment or situation.

The trainer does not need to be next to the dog and holding a leash; they can be a football field away and still get the dog's attention.

Modern E-collars are subtle but powerful tools for operant conditioning because they enable a dog trainer to have perfect off-leash timing with low-level stim that breaks through the natural Attention Deficit Disorder that all dogs are burdened with.  When modern e-collars are properly layered over leash pressure and food rewards, dogs progress very rapidly with less confusion and more compliance. 

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Giz Rhoads said...

Used properly, e collars are a life-saving device.