Thursday, September 17, 2015

Dog Training the Corporation

From Modern Healthcare where the headline reads: "Justice Department Takes Aim at Individuals for Corporate Misconduct":

Burns called the Justice Department's memo an important conversation starter, but added he'd like to see those found guilty of healthcare stripped from working with federal healthcare programs.

“From the sales force all the way up to the CEO of the company, they're incentivized to do the fraud because the pain when they're caught is shouldered by the people who own the stock,” Burns said.

More exclusions would get industry leaders' attention, Burns said. “If you bring the pain, you bring the change,” Burns said, “but the pain has to be personal.”

As I have noted in the past, the most effective animal trainer in the U.S. is the electric fence: the pain is worse than the gain even when the grass is greener on the other side of the fence; the juice is always on and the fence never sleeps, the fence has perfect timing, and the fence always nails the right bad actor.

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