Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Coffee and Provocation

Black Fish May Push Sea World Into Red
Seaworld does not have much of a business plan if folks turn away from their Killer Whale act (these are real documented human-killers).  Sea World's profits have plunged 84% as customers desert the controversial park. My guess is that the park will end the Orca act by the end of the year.  It will remain to be seen what happens to the whales, but selling them to another outfit will not work and releasing them to the wild would likely be a problem.  A netted off cold-water bay next to a fish processing plant might be the ideal situation. Surely such a spot exists?

Cow Farts Vs. Organic
Is organic grass-fed beef that produces a regular amount of greenhouse gases better than cows fed 3-nitrooxypropanol (3NOP) which reduces methane emissions by 30% AND improves dairy cow weight and health while reducing farmer feed costs?  (Thanks Mark B.!)

Welsh Mountain Now a Hill
A mountain has been downgraded to a hill after coming up 23 millimetres short. I think there was a movie about a similar situation, involving the down carrying loads of rock and soil up the mountain to "make height."

Bogus Expiration Dates 
Expiration dates on pill and capsule antibiotics are bogus, as I have noted in the past, and they are also bogus for most food items. Ridiculously early dates are how drug and food vendors get you to throw your money down the drain and out with the trash.

Zimbabwe Lifts Big Game Hunting Restrictions
After just one week, Zimbabwe has lifted the hunting ban it introduced following Cecil the lion's death.

A 390-Year Old Tree In Washington D.C. Tree Survived Hiroshima -- And No One Knew
In 1976, bonsai master Masaru Yamaki donated a small white pine bonsai tree to the United States National Arboretum in Washington D.C. For 25 years the tree sat by the entrance of the arboretum’s Bonsai Museum, hardly gathering any notice. Then, in 2001, two of Mr. Yamaki’s grandsons showed up in search of the tree that had been in their family for generations. It seems the world’s first atomic bomb was dropped just two miles from their grandfather’s home, and though 90 percent of the city was decimated, and 180,000 killed, Mr. Yamaki’s bonsais were protected by a tall wall surrounding his nursery, and survived. The tree is now 390 years old.

A Special Chicken for Your Williams and Sonoma Coop
Now that backyard chickens are cool, you need a special all-black (inside and out) artisanl chicken for your Williams and Sonoma coop. (Thanks Lucas!)

Playing Trumps
From Slate:  "In a Morning Consult national survey conducted over a three-day stretch that ended Sunday—aka after the debate—Trump led the pack with the support of 32 percent of self-identified Republicans and Republican-leaning independents—nearly THREE TIMES the support of his closest challenger, Jeb Bush, who was the first-choice of 11 percent of respondents. Trump’s 21-point lead was well outside the online poll’s margin of error of 3.59 points. According to the pollsters, there was “no evidence” that Trump’s support was slipping..."

Rob and Run
How many big companies pay ZERO taxes, get BIG subsidies, AND ship jobs overseas? You would be amazed.

Drunk Web Surfing:  The Job
I don't drink, so I'm not qualified, but this seems to be a niche job that some of you might be great for!

More Guacamole SeƱor Bush
Jeb Bush is selling a cheap plastic guacamole bowl for $75. Am I the only one who had questions about his commitment to border control?

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PipedreamFarm said...

The FDA requires real time stability test data for establishing expiration dates. This means a company would need to have run a 15+ year real time study prior to sale of a drug in order to stamp on the drug an expiration date for that amount of time. Collecting these data doesn't really work well in the light of patent protection.